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COVID-19 Vs Connect UK Auctions


In light of the ongoing pandemic that is the Coronavirus, no doubt the restrictions on gatherings and social contact will become even tighter, day to day. Closure numbers of companies are rising constantly and the public are more and more cautious of their surroundings, contact and, of course, their loved ones.

But how is this affecting auction houses?

We would all be lying if we said it was business as usual and in fact there will be no effect to our businesses moving forward. We are all reassuring our clients, vendors and purchasers as much as physically possible, but there may come a point, when guidelines from the Government cause this to change.

With physical ‘in the room’ auctions set to not go ahead for many auction houses in the upcoming months, Connect UK Auctions are set to thrive after introducing Connect Realtime® earlier this year.

What is Connect Realtime®?

Connect Realtime® has allowed one to bid on any lot, as the auction unfolds, live, in real-time. Viewers can watch every auction, from their chosen device, streamed directly from our website and bid against other buyers at their convenience.

Watch the auction, live with the auctioneer and presenter, solely for the benefit of the viewer. All lots will be introduced and sold via the traditional method of auction but with an enhanced, interactive experience. This ground-breaking technology has enabled the biggest exposure to buyers on any particular lot. Your property will be marketed to thousands of potential buyers across the UK and worldwide, resulting in the highest price, in the room.

No need to attend the auction room. No need to put yourself at risk.

“We all value the safety of our clients and to ensure minimal, social contact, Connect Realtime® will allow the operation of Connect UK Auctions to continue as it would normally through this difficult time.” – Director Robert Jenkins

The auctioneer and industry expert Adam Partridge quoted,

“Connect UK Auctions are one step ahead of the game. This technology works and with the current climate and fear instilled into the public this will allow them to flourish. I am thrilled to be able to work with them.”