Exchange and complete in time for summer

Exchange & Complete In Time For Summer

As the warmth of summer 2024 approaches, a notable trend in the property market is gaining momentum: property auction sales are on the rise. Traditionally seen as a niche option, auctions are now becoming a mainstream method for both buyers and sellers, driven by the need for speed, certainty, and transparency in property transactions.


Why are Auctions Gaining Popularity?

Speed and Efficiency:

Unlike traditional sales, which can drag on for months, auctions are swift. The entire process—from listing to sale—can be completed within a few weeks. This is particularly appealing for those looking to sell, exchange, and complete transactions in time to enjoy the summer. This quick turnaround can be a game-changer for sellers facing financial pressures or those needing to relocate quickly.

Certainty of Sale:

At auction, properties exchange at the fall of the gavel, with completion typically following 28 days later. This eliminates the common problem of deals falling through, providing a level of certainty that is often missing in the conventional property market. Sellers can rest assured that once the hammer drops, the deal is done, removing the stress and uncertainty that can accompany private treaty sales.

Competitive Bidding:

Auctions create a competitive environment where buyers bid against each other, often driving the price higher than expected. For sellers, this can mean achieving a better price than they might through private treaty sales. The excitement and urgency of the auction room can lead to spirited bidding wars, resulting in favourable outcomes for sellers.


The auction process is transparent and open. This builds trust and ensures that the property is sold at true market value, free from the bias or hidden negotiations that can complicate private sales. Buyers appreciate the straightforward nature of auctions, where the highest bid wins, and there are no prolonged negotiations or last-minute changes to terms.

Broadening Buyer Pool:

Auctions attract a diverse range of buyers, including investors, developers, and private individuals. This wide appeal can increase the number of potential bidders, thereby raising the final sale price. Properties marketed for auction often garner significant interest from serious buyers who are ready to act quickly, further enhancing the likelihood of a successful sale.


The Ideal Timing: Summer 2024

Summer is traditionally a busy time in the property market. Families prefer to move during school holidays, and the pleasant weather makes house hunting more enjoyable. By opting for an auction, sellers can capitalise on this increased activity and ensure their properties are sold and completed in time for the summer season.

Maximising Exposure:

With more potential buyers actively looking, the chances of a successful auction increase. The swift nature of auction sales allows sellers to enjoy the rest of the summer without the burden of an ongoing property transaction. Moreover, the vibrant summer market attracts a higher number of buyers who are keen to finalise their purchases before the end of the season.

Quick Turnaround:

The expedited timeline of auctions aligns perfectly with the summer months. Sellers can go from listing to selling their property in a fraction of the time it might take traditionally. This efficiency allows them to take advantage of the high demand and favourable market conditions typical of summer. For buyers, this means they can move into their new homes sooner, making it an ideal time for families to settle in before the new school year.

Seasonal Advantage:

Summer showcases properties at their best, with gardens in full bloom and natural light enhancing the interior appeal. This seasonal advantage can make properties more attractive to buyers, potentially leading to higher bids. Additionally, summer weather facilitates open houses and viewings, encouraging more prospective buyers to attend and bid confidently.

Market Dynamics:

The summer market often sees an influx of new listings, creating a dynamic and competitive environment. Sellers can leverage this activity by positioning their properties prominently in auction catalogues, attracting buyers who are eager to secure a deal before the busy season ends.


The surge in property auctions this summer presents a golden opportunity for both buyers and sellers. For sellers, the appeal lies in the speed, certainty, and competitive pricing that auctions offer. Buyers benefit from the transparent process and the chance to secure a property swiftly in a bustling market.

As the temperatures rise, so too does the excitement in the auction rooms. Whether you’re looking to sell your home quickly to enjoy the summer or find the perfect property without the usual delays, the auction route might just be the ideal solution. Embrace the trend and make the most of the vibrant summer property market of 2024.