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Property Auctions aren’t a ‘Members Only’ club

The only UK auction house to offer the auction live, directly through the auctioneer’s website. The only UK auction house to offer a presenter, alongside the auctioneer, solely for the viewers benefit. No third-party platforms involved. QVC style and interactive.

Traditional auctions have been around for centuries, they’re tried, tested and proven. So why change them? It’s not about changing them, but enhancing them. Having the ability to bid from home or any other remote location proves beneficial to any buyer. But market research shows the auction world in seen as an exclusive one, ‘members only,’ and this is something Connect UK Auctions are looking to change.


In February 2020 our marketing team stopped and asked 100 different members of the public, locally, on the street what they thought of property auctions and the results were as predicted. Including various ages, an enormous 65% concluded that there was an element of fear when it came to auctions, a barrier that meant they wouldn’t venture into the world because they didn’t know enough.

Many auctioneers and businesses have their sights set firmly on the end game. The sale. Which of course is paramount but Connect UK Auctions are looking to educate potential buyers and sellers along the way. “Providing value is key to a good client relationship.” – Emma Webb, Marketing.

Breaking down barriers

Connect Realtime® has allowed one to bid on any lot, as the auction unfolds, live, in real-time. Our auctions are live streamed through our website for familiarity. By using ground-breaking and bespoke technology clients are not diverted to any other platform which ensures consistency. We offer a presenter to introduce the auction and its lots as auctioneers can seem daunting. The technological terminations and speed of the speech can all contribute toward auction newbies feeling overwhelmed. With each potential buyer at home being directly spoken to down camera, even alongside our traditional auctions, every user feels included and is engaged.

This ground-breaking technology has enabled the biggest exposure to buyers on any particular lot. Your property will be marketed to thousands of potential buyers across the UK and worldwide, resulting in the highest price, in the room.

“Our full house of 5* Google Reviews are extremely, well earnt by the team, knowing that each client has received our full attention from enquiry to completion.” – Director Robert Jenkins

The auctioneer and industry expert Adam Partridge quoted,
“Connect UK Auctions are one step ahead of the game. This technology works and with the current climate and fear instilled into the public this will allow them to flourish. I am thrilled to be able to work with them.”