Auction Experience

The auction experience… one every property enthusiast must undertake…

Is this an avenue you haven’t yet explored? Yet you know of the, many, benefits it brings and how it can further your personal property journey?

Being creatures of habit, it can be unsettling to try something new no matter how big the benefits but here at Connect UK Auctions we are here to make property fun. Get involved with our #auctionlife and attend with only three things:

  1. Two forms of ID (One being photographic and the other being a, recent, utility bill, within the last three months.
  2. The details of your solicitor. If you do not have these or have not yet decided on a solicitor, we will need this as soon as possible if you are the highest bidder of any lot(s).
  3. Whether a debit or credit card you will liable for the buyers premium and the 5% deposit if you are the winning bidder on any lot.

On the day of the auction you will enter a ‘Meet & Greet’ room in which you can register your car for the car park and if you have come to register to bid, one of our team members will direct you to our registration room in which another team member will take down your details, this will no more than five minutes.

Once registered feel free to grab a hot drink as well as some complimentary nibbles, because who doesn’t love a cheeky cookie?! The auction will begin shortly after.

Once in motion, to bid on a ‘lot’ you must raise a hand or nod you head enough for the auctioneer to see you are bidding. If you are successful and are the winning bidder on a lot you can make your way back to where you registered to sign the Auction contract and pay the necessary fee and deposit for you newly purchased lot.

For more details about the auction experience please feel free to contact us, alternatively if you would like to attend our next auction please see our Upcoming Auctions in the Gatwick area.