our lives

When did our lives become ruled by routine, pressure and deadlines?

The world is changing and our lives are becoming ‘overwhelmed’ by mounting work pressures, busy social calendars and financial worries.

Selling property is one of the biggest strains and while up to 40% of private treaty sales falls through, we must consider other alternatives.

Connect UK Auctions have developed a new strategy for 2020 which has never been seen before in the auction world, it’s revolutionary.

Prepare to have your problem solved.

Offering Property and Land Auction EVERY single month of the year (speed) to the biggest audience ever (Coverage).

Clients are driven by these two contributing factors when selling. Having listened and analysed the situation, we have come up with the perfect solution, thus supplying monthly auctions throughout the year, in the room including live bidding online simultaneously.

Sellers are always looking to maximise exposure for their property in order to achieve the best possible price and with this in mind we are bringing the biggest buying audience to the room via live real-time bidding. Connect UK Auctions are introducing online REAL TIME bidding allowing buyers to bid from any corner of the world in real time. Lazy day in front of the TV? Train commute? Break abroad? We’ve got it covered.

Using the best industry technology, EVERY auction will be live streamed and bidders will take to the screen to place their bids alongside the traditional room bidders, giving the biggest coverage for the property ever seen.

Looking to spectate and see what all the fuss is about? Of course. Spectating is welcomed and totally complimentary.

Connect UK Auctions – Speed is everything in modern day life.