Can I use an estate agent alongside selling by auction?

A property investor is a long-term investor who lives by the fact they will be substantially better off later on in life and can also pass on their heritage to their children. They are ‘property rich’ rather than ‘cash rich.’

Have you ever experienced a sale fall through? Or are tired of being on the market and getting nowhere fast? Many property instructions come from sellers who have been through such situations and just want the sale to happen, NOW.

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So, what do you do if you are already on the market with a local agent?

When instructing an auction company to sell your property or land it is important to know that you cannot market the property with an agent at the same time.

You, as the seller, would need to give the required time notice to the agent while instructing the auctioneer.


Agents and auctioneers’ market a property very differently. An agent will market a property at the price which could be unrealistic, hence it does not sell and eventually you would have to keep lowering the asking price, where as an auctioneer will market the property at the right guide and reserve price guaranteeing a sale.

This different approach means that both an agent and an auctioneer cannot be under instruction together.

So why auction?

Auction provides a much quicker sale process than a private treaty sale.
Auction eliminates the risk of fall throughs and seller chains.
Auction will provide a maximum selling price for you.

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