Selling probate property

Our specialist and bespoke property probate service

Probate properties are particularly well suited for sale by auction. Generally, clients wish to sell the property as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Selling at auction not only facilitates a quick sale, meaning beneficiaries can receive their share of the estate quickly, it also provides the best possible price upon conclusion.
Our tailored probate service is carefully packaged to deal with every part of the process, taking away any stress or burden from the client. We are able to maintain and manage the property, prior to sale, by ensuring the needs of the client, the property and insurance regulations. This sensitive time requires a trustworthy and knowledgeable team, while the key objective is to ensure the best price is received, in any given timeframe required by the client. We sell residential and commercial properties with immediate exchange and completion within 28 days.

Traditional auction Vs
modern method of auction

Why are sellers using the traditional method of the auction in almost every case?! Over the past year or so, Connect UK Auctions have received calls from thousands of clients in the UK with unsold properties using the Modern Method of Auction.

What's included in our property
probate service?

We will arrange for weekly property visits and provide a record for the insurance company. This is very important as a property vacant for over a month may void the insurance premium.
We are able take meter readings when required and act as keyholders.
Once a pre-auction offer is accepted or by the fall of the gavel, the paperwork is then signed and exchange of contracts will take place at the agreed price, so there is no renegotiating or gazundering. (A legal pack is required for all potential purchasers to review prior to committing to purchasing a property).
All properties will require an up-to-date Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – We will organise this and supply copies and links to the required parties if appropriate.
If needed, we have contractors to ensure the externals of the property are well presented.
Professional advice will always be given. We will advise on the best method of sale, depending on the property. Whether this is by auction or by informal tender we will always be here to discuss all options.
During the process you will never be left in the dark. Communication with the client/ family is paramount. You will be given your own personal probate contact to aid you at all times, through such a difficult period.
A cleaning service is readily available to prepare a property for sale.