profits increase

CEOs business profits increase by 56% from opening just one marketing email

As a business, email marketing is a significant tool in order to build a relationship with both our prospective and active clients, customers and consumers. It’s measurable, cost effective, dynamic and extremely valuable.

Did you know, however, it’s just as important to receive these types of emails as it is to send them?

Hands up if you have a habit of going through your inbox and deleting every email you do not recognise or realise you have subscribed to? We are all guilty of it, to some extent. Why? Simply because we are ruled by lifestyle pressures and restrictive work routines and passive marketing must be extremely engaging to warrant even a tiny percentage of our valuable time.

So why should we take the time to engage in them?

Any business knows that marketing is an essential channel in order to reach our audience.
The market is certainly proving that coasting is no longer an option and in fact the cost of living, inflation, interest rates and the overall housing market status has been a huge wake up call to hundreds of thousands of businesses.

The proof is in the pudding

September 2017, a marketing email was delivered direct to a recipient’s inbox. Subject line read –  ‘Have you thought about becoming an auction house?’ Now many of us would delete emails such as these without hesitation. But not CEO Zad Siadatan of Connect UK.

One click and fast forward a short few years, Connect UK operate a successful, Nationwide auction company alongside their other existing businesses (Lettings & Property Management, Sales & Block Management)

Not only did this one email result in huge progression for Connect UK, it also allowed the company to strengthen their brand, diverse their product and services range as well as penetrate the market even further.

As you know, it costs you as a business owner, less to retain a client than it does to gain a new one. This marketing email now allows Connect UK to cross sell their services within their new clientele thus resulting in extra return on investment. The result – a wider customer base, growth of the company and increased profits and most importantly, a stronger brand.

But wait, the marketing emails you are receiving aren’t relevant to your business?!

Now, not all emails you receive will result in business expansion, however there are multiple elements which one must notice and be aware of, when looking at marketing emails. By becoming aware of what others are doing, even in different industries, you will learn to separate the good from the excellent and apply smaller elements of material to your own marketing ideas.

Innovation and a broad mind are key to business growth and Connect UK have demonstrated this. Without email marketing there would be no Connect UK Auctions. In the past few years, we have grown from being a ball room regional auctioneer to a nationwide auction house alongside TV’s personality (BBC and Channel 4) Adam Partridge as our resident auctioneer, holding auctions every four weeks of the year.

Stop coasting. Learn to thrive.