Remote Bidding Terms and Conditions

For Auction Events that are conducted behind closed doors, or where you are not able to attend the venue in person, bidder may instead place a bid by telephone, internet or in writing (proxy) “Remote Bid”, on the following terms. These terms and conditions form part of the Buyers Terms.

  1. To place a Remote Bid, the Bidder must first complete an authority form for the Lots involved and provide their payment details to us up front by way of a bidder’s registration fee. This fee will be deducted from the deposit if the signee is the highest bidder. If not, the fee will be refunded within 5-7 working days.
  2. It is the Bidder’s responsibility to check that the form and payment is received by Connect UK Auctions and this can be done by telephoning the office on 0800 448 0100.
  3. We are required by law to verify the identity of our customers and carry out an AML check. Please refer to our Buyers Terms and conditions for details on how payment will be taken. At the point of submitting their Remote Bid, the Bidder shall be deemed to have read the relevant Buyers Terms and conditions, the particulars of the relevant Lot in the catalogue and the full legal pack, including the Special Conditions of Sale. The Bidder shall be deemed to have taken all necessary professional and legal advice and to have made enquiries and have knowledge of any announcements to be made from the rostrum and any of the addendum relating to the relevant Lot. The addendum can, and should, be checked by visiting our website or at the Auction prior to bidding.
  4. All bidders acknowledge and agree to pay any auction fee included in the legal pack.
  5. The bidder acknowledges that they have read and understood the legal pack corresponding to the lot in which they are bidding on.
  6. The auction fees are received on a non-refundable basis therefore due consideration should be given by the purchaser to your ability to raise any mortgage or loan that you require to finance your purchase. We also advise you to consider undertaking any survey, structural survey or professional valuation on your behalf before paying the auction fees which are non-refundable. In the event of the purchaser withdrawing for any reason whatsoever from the sale, including defects in the title or issues raised by survey or searches the auction fees included in the legal pack (at the prevailing rate) will be forfeited. In the event of the vendor withdrawing, the auction fees will be refunded to the purchaser in full. This is a legal document and you are strongly advised to seek independent legal advice before signing. Connect UK Auctions presume that you understand the risks associated with property transactions and that you have the requisite knowledge and understanding of the property market.This acknowledgement confirms receipt from the buyer(s) named below, of an Auction Fee included in the legal pack (at the prevailing rate) calculated against the final negotiated purchase price of the Subject property. NB: The auction fee is not considered as part payment of the final negotiated selling price and is non-refundable.
  7. In the case of telephone bids, at about the time the Lot comes up for auction, attempts will be made to contact the Bidder by telephone and, if successful, the Bidder may then compete in the bidding through the Auctioneer’s staff. The Bidder accepts that such contact is at the Bidder’s risk.
  8. In the case of internet bidding, all bidders who have registered can commence bidding when the intended Lot is being offered, however Connect UK Auctions not take any liability or responsibility should there be any interruption or suspension of internet services.
  9. The Bidder accepts in the event that the telephone or internet link is not established, breaks down or there is any confusion or disruption, then the Bidder will not be able to participate in the Auction. The Auctioneer will not be held responsible for instructions or authorisations given to them which are unclear or incomplete and these bids will not be accepted. If it is impossible to obtain telephone contact or the link breaks down, the Auctioneer is authorised to continue to bid on behalf of the telephone bidder up to the maximum bid stated on this form. If internet connection is lost the Auctioneer is authorised to continue to bid on behalf of the internet bidder up to the maximum bid stated on this form. In the case of written bids, Connect UK Auctions staff will compete in the bidding up to the maximum of the authorisation. If no maximum is inserted, Connect UK Auctions will not bid. Connect UK Auctions do not guarantee to regulate the bidding so that the maximum authorised bid actually falls to the written bidder.
  10. Connect UK Auctions reserve the right not to proceed with a Remote Bid in the event of any error, doubt, omission, uncertainty as to the bid, or for any reason whatsoever, and give no warranty, or guarantee, that a bid would be made on behalf of the Bidder and accept no liability.
  11. If Remote Bid accepted by the Auctioneer is the highest bid on the fall of the hammer, the Bidder will then be contractually bound to purchase the property. The Auctioneer will sign the Contract of Sale, Minute of Preference or Enactment, or Reservation Agreement as applicable on behalf of the Bidder. The applicable fees will then be due, as described in the relevant Buyers Terms.
  12. Once delivered to the Auctioneer the authority to bid is binding on the Bidder up to 11pm on the day on which the particular Lot is auctioned. This is to allow for the possibility of a Seller agreeing to sell post auction where the bidding has not reached the reserve.
  13. The authority can only be withdrawn by written notification via email received by the Auctioneer by 5pm the day before the Auction, or into the hands of the Auctioneer in the Auction Room half an hour before the start of that day’s auction. It is the Bidder’s responsibility to obtain a receipt of a copy of the withdrawal notification authorised by a representative of the Auctioneer. Without such a receipt the authority stands, and any successful contract is binding on the Bidder.
  14. If the Bidder, or an agent, submits both a Remote Bid and also bids directly at the Auction without having previously withdrawn the Remote Bid authority, the Auctioneer is at liberty to accept such bid in addition to any bid from Connect UK Auctions staff as empowered under the Remote Bid authority. Connect UK Auctions would have no liability whatsoever if the price achieved is the result only of this competition in bidding without intervention from other bidders.
  15. The receipt of a Remote Bid shall not in any way hinder the right of the Seller (or Auctioneer) to withdraw any Lot or to sell prior to auction to a third party, and neither the Seller nor Connect UK Auctions shall be under any liability to the Bidder in the event that the Lot is not offered at the Auction.
  16. The Auctioneer may disclose to the Seller that a Remote Bid has been entered for the Property, but not the amount of the maximum bid.

What our clients say about us

...I would thoroughly recommend Connect UK Auctions as the best most effective alternative to the conventional estate agents.
by Valery Stimpson
...My property achieved a very good price and completed in a matter of week. I would, most certainly recommend their services to anyone potentially looking to sell their property.
by Mr Richardson
...If I had known how much better it would be, I would have chosen Connect UK Auctions above an estate agent months ago.
by Jenny Turner
My wife and I were delighted with the service provided by Connect UK Auctions. Our house sold prior to the auction for an excellent price. Rob Jenkins was very professional and communicated well with all parties involved. A very smooth transaction.
by Rob Sellick
I have bought land and a residential property through Connect UK Auctions and even used their building team for renovation works. I must say I was always impressed with the help and support I received throughout my journey. Would definitely use them again and will be attending more of their auctions.
by Ross Slaughter
Easy to deal with and 100% professional easy and stress free.
by Sammy Vine
Exceptional service beginning to end. Would buy through you again! Thank you.
by Lisa Edwards
Excellent service outstanding staff.
by Kelly Simpson
Recently put in my property with Connect UK Auctions and they managed to sell it before the auction day!! Well above reserve. What a great guy. Happy client. Would use again. Thanks guys!
by Alex Brinklow
We have no hesitation in recommending Connect UK Auctions - their level of service and attentive service is second-to-none.
by Christian Budd

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              Buyer FAQs

              Do I need to register to bid?

              Yes – You have three options when it comes to bidding and each will require its own bidding process.

              If you are joining us in the room, we can register you on the auction day, at the auction venue. Just ensure you bring along 2x proofs of ID and proof of funds. Please call us if you are unsure on what to bring.

              What if I want to bid but can’t make it on the day?

              You can choose from two options; bid via Connect Realtime© or via Proxy/Telephone. Both registrations are swift and straightforward and will ensure your ability to bid on your chosen lot.

              What ID must I provide?

              By law we will require two proofs of ID – one photographic and the other proof of address less than three months old. Proof of funds will also be asked for at the time of registration. Without the above you will not be able to bid.

              What is a buyer’s premium?

              A buyer’s premium is payable on all property and land lots. This will be payable upon the fall of the gavel as contracts are exchanged. This will be paid at the same time as the deposit if you are the highest bidder on a lot, before leaving the auction venue. The amount payable will be specified in the lot description.

              How much is the deposit?

              The Purchaser shall pay a deposit of 5% and buyer’s premium of 2.2% inclusive (with a minimum of £5,000.00) and contracts are exchanged. The purchaser is legally bound to buy and the vendor is legally bound to sell the Property/Lot.

              Can I buy with a mortgage?

              Of course. Some clients like to arrange their mortgage valuation prior to auction day and others after. Either way, completion can be set at 42 days (6 weeks) from exchange, rather than the normal 28 days, or in fact, anywhere in between. As long as all parties are notified, your timeframe is paramount. Auction offers immense opportunity and allows one to buy, through some lenders, with only a 15% deposit.

              Can I make a pre-auction offer?

              Yes. Any offers made before the auction will always be put to the vendor. If you are really interested in a lot then of course a pre-auction offer is a good idea. Ensure you have thoroughly read the legal pack before offering and if the offer is accepted the sale will exchange before the auction and will proceed under the same, auction conditions.

              What is a Proxy Bid?

              Here you will advise a representative as to your maximum bid by completing our Proxy Bidding form and the auctioneer will bid on your behalf up to your maximum. They will always endeavour to secure the property for you, either at, or below your maximum bid if possible. If the bidding in the room exceeds your maximum, then you proxy bid would end.

              What is a Telephone Bid?

              Here you will be asked to complete a telephone bidding registration form. This will be based on a first-come, first-serve basis and a representative will bid on your instruction. You will be able to hear the auctioneer in the background and will also be able to watch the auction live in action through our live stream via Connect Realtime©. A representative will call you a few minutes before the specified lot so please ensure you are ready and waiting.

              What is Connect Realtime© Bidding?

              Connect Realtime© is our live streaming of the auction you will access via our website. Giving you the ability to bid from anywhere in the world, in real time. You will create an account with us, login, then register to bid on your chosen lot(s). Once registered, we will send over the necessary documentation for you to complete before approving your bidding. Once approved, come auction day, just login to your account and watch the auction unfold and bid on your chosen lot(s).

              What is an open house viewing?

              These viewings are scheduled in by our team and give you a chance to view the lot and fully inspect your potential purchase. You can choose to bring someone along with you, a builder, or someone who may have extensive property knowledge if you are unsure yourself. A team member will conduct the viewings so there will always be someone there if you have any questions while your there. If the viewing days have finished but there is still a lot of interested, the team will schedule a further viewing.

              What happens if I’m the highest bidder?

              In the room

              After the fall of the gavel you will be asked to sign the contracts. This will be sent to both your solicitor as well as the sellers’ solicitors.

              After providing your solicitors and personal details you will be asked to pay the deposit and buyer’s premium on the specific lot. At this point you are legally bound and the amount will be payable by debit card or bank transfer.

              Completion will usually take place 28 working days later (or as varied by the Special Conditions of Sale) under the supervision of your solicitor. As soon as the gavel falls, there is a binding contract of sale. The property is at your insurable risk from this point.

              Via Connect Realtime, Proxy or Telephone

              You will have already signed to say that you are happy for us to sign the memorandum of sale on your behalf to allow the exchange of contracts after the fall of the ‘virtual gavel.’

              After this has been done one of our team will be in touch once the auction has finished to take payment of the lot deposit and buyers’ premium. Once this has been completed contracts will be sent to your solicitor as well as the sellers with completion usually to take place 28 working days later (or as varied by the Special Conditions of Sale) under the supervision of your solicitor.

              As soon as the hammer falls there is a binding contract of sale. The property is at your insurable risk from this point.

              What makes a property un-mortgageable?

              There are a few reasons for this and the most obvious include the following:

              • Properties without a kitchen or bathroom.
              • Properties with any kind of structural defect, damp, dry or wet rot.
              • Properties close to mining works, areas of landfill, areas of recent flooding or subsidence.
              • Leasehold properties with a short lease, typically less than 70 years, or a defective lease.
              • Where there are boundary disputes or where planning applications have not been applied for correctly.
              • Derelict property or where part of the building is in severe disrepair and needs demolishing.
              • Properties of non-standard construction. Standard construction has brick or stone walls with a roof made of slate or tile, so anything that differs from this will be classed as Non-Standard.
              • Some properties with sitting tenants or regulated tenancies.
              • All properties with a value below a threshold, sometimes stated as £40,000.
              What is Due Diligence?

              This means that you have done everything you can, in terms of research, before committing to a property or land purchase. This may include viewing the property, commissioning a survey, asking a solicitor to review the legal pack etc.

              What payment methods do you accept?

              We take debit card or bank transfers.

              What happens if I cannot complete on a purchase?

              If you don’t exchange on the date set you will be given what’s called ‘Notice to Complete’ – This will last for 10 days and will incur a daily charge, of which the amount can be found in your contract. Failure to complete at all with result in a forfeit of your deposit as well as your buyer’s premium plus any shortfall once the property or land is re-auctioned and sold.

              What is auction finance?

              Auction finance is a service provided by specialist lenders to auction buyers. We have an in-house specialist who can provide advice and finance on the following:

              • Short-term finance
              • Funding for residential, commercial and land purchases
              • Funding for non-standard construction
              • All income types considered
              • Up to 70% loan-to-value
              • Monthly interest rates from 0.55% (other fees and charges apply)
              Do I need to do a survey on the property I’m interested in?

              A survey isn’t compulsory, but if you are unsure about the structure or condition of the property then you might wish to instruct a surveyor, an engineer, or a builder for some advice.

              But remember, as soon as the gavel falls there is a binding contract of sale. The property is at your insurable risk from this point.

              Bidding registration fee

              The bidding registration fee is required in order to be approved for bidding. The fee is £2,400 per lot and is deducted from your deposit upon exchange, if you are the highest bidder. If you are not the highest bidder, the bidding registration fee is refunded to you.