Can I make a pre-auction offer?

Properties and land that are instructed to sell via auction are done so generally out of the motivation for speed and security of the sale.

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Can you make an offer before the auction day?

The simple answer is yes.

All pre-auction offers are put to the seller and they will have the final decision on whether the offer is a figure they would be happy to accept or whether to send the property to the auction room in order to achieve more.

If an offer is accepted the sale will still follow auction terms and conditions. Exchange is imminent and completion will be set at either 28 or 42 days depending on the timeframe of all parties.

If you offer is not accepted your options are to either increase your offer or to register to bid and to wait for the property to go to auction. This way you can bid up to your desired and maximum budget in the hope that you are not outbid!

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