Can my property fall through when selling at auction?

On average, 1 out of every 3 private treaty sales fall through. Crazy right? With over a million houses selling every year in the UK, that’s three hundred and thirty-three thousand that will fall through at least once! And let’s be honest… anyone who is a homeowner knows the stress of the journey.

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Security is a key motivator when choosing to sell through auction.

When that famous gavel falls on auction day, the lot is sold and contacts are legally binding between the buyer and seller. Ladies and gentlemen auctions provide you a sale with no possible fall throughs, gazumping or gazundering. Neither party can pull out from this point. Perfect, right?

Not only this but this method of sale eliminates any long negotiation processes and seller chains.

Auctions take the stress out of selling and with property sales known to be one of the top causes of stress, why not eliminate the strain on you.

Once contracts are exchanged completion is generally 28days later. Quick, Proven and Painless.

It’s no wonder more and more people are exploring this avenue of sale.

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