Help, I’m in financial difficulty!

There can be times in life when the pressure of a situation can feel overwhelming and consuming, sometimes feeling like you have exhausted all options. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way and you can change it today.

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Often, by unlocking the value in your property you can be on the road to a brighter future, within days, not months. Putting you back in control, faster than you might think.

In situations such as, debt or repossession, auctions can provide:
Speed, certainty and security while always selling to the highest bidder.

The worst scenario when trying to release equity fast is the ‘not knowing when.’ Property auctions provide transparency and a clear timeframe with completion only 28 days from the fall of the gavel. Your timeframe is paramount and auctioneers understand this. You are also able to set a reserve price – this ensures that the property or land cannot be sold to any bidder below this figure. This gives you ultimate piece of mind and security.

But what if you’re in a situation where the repossession has already taken place?

If this is the case then we would deal directly with the receivers and make sure that you keep most of your equity in the land or property.

Debt and repossessions can be daunting times. Stay in control of your future and achieve the best possible outcome.

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