How will my auction property or land be advertised?

Being a seller, you’re looking for maximum property exposure, right? The wider the audience, the greater the interest. This should then increase the potential of a sale whilst achieving maximum price.

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So, after instruction, the marketing phase can begin. So how is your ‘lot’ marketed?

Property Portals – Now of course every property auction company will use their own selection of the typical property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and on the market.

EIG – Another portal that should be utilised, which is specifically an auction only portal, full of ready-made and active buyers.

Email Marketing – Every auction company will have their own email marketing list, full of subscribers who are seeking auction property. Your property or land will be sent out to thousands via this method. Buyers will be able to register their interest and download or request the corresponding legal pack.

For Sale board – A ‘for sale by auction,’ board will be erected in the most appropriate position to attract prospective buyers to the auction room.

Now these are the general methods of marketing used by most auction companies and the level of marketing will differ between each, however, here at Connect UK our marketing is extensive and goes beyond what we have just mentioned. We also cover: –

Social Media – Never under estimate the power of social media. Your property will be posted to all four social media platforms including, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Furthermore, all lots will also be posted to bespoke property groups right up until auction day.

Editorial – We will always write an editorial for your lot, this will be published in local and specialist newspapers as well as appearing on their online platform, for the digital users.

And lastly but most importantly “Connect Realtime” – Our live streaming via our website means any prospective buyer from any corner of the world can see and bid on your property as it happens.

We leave no stone unturned.

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