inheriting property

Inheriting a property from a loved one

Selling an inherited property can be a very difficult and sometimes traumatic time. Only made harder, in the wake of losing a loved one. There are many formalities to adhere to. The process can be rather stressful and complicated. Connect UK Auctions’ Probate Service will provide professional guidance at all times. We will bear the weight and pressures involved in any potential selling process allowing, the client to concentrate on more pressing matters.

The process of selling an estate via probate is dealt with the upmost sensitivity and sympathy knowing, this is an emotional time for the family.

Probate ‘the right to deal with an individual’s estate, after they have passed away’, If you are the sole executor or individual, handling the estate, you will need to apply for a grant of probate yourself.

You will not need probate if, you already own a share of the property, have a joint bank or building society account with the owner, or if the sum of money left in the account is minor.

If the deceased is intestate. A relative or close friend will need to apply to the probate registry. In this case, they will apply for what’s known as ‘grant of letters of administration’. If this is granted to the applicant they will be known as ‘administrators’ and will have the same authority as any executors.

Probate properties are particularly well-suited for sale by auction. Take a look at how we can help.