auction purchase

Your first Auction Property will be momentous

Homework is paramount when it comes to buying at auction, once a bid is made, there’s no turning back. However, do not let this put you off as auctions account for a very significant percentage of property transactions in the UK every year!

Have you attended a property auction?

Experience an auction before buying. Take some time to study the catalogue and view what’s on offer.

When attending the auction, take note of the lots that over achieve, where they are located and what others around you, are bidding on.

Auctions are the best way to learn the real worth of residential, commercial property and land.

The outcome and experience of your first auction buy will be the foundation of buying at auction. Auctions are proven to be one of the most successful avenues in the property industry, to profit, repeat and build.

Ensuring the following and we will bring you back, thriving for more!

  • Analyse your finances and work out your maximum bid
  • Visit the property and ask any questions you can’t find out for yourself
  • Bear in mind the speed of auction sales so be sure to have the finance ready
  • Read the legal pack
  • Be auction ready – turn up early to register and enjoy the experience

Speed is everything in modern day life.