Police Box, Camera, Action

The Action is certainly causing a frenzy in this former police box in Walker Street, Hull. This unique auction lot looks to take centre stage at Connect UK’s upcoming auction.

Although it is unused and has been for some time, this freehold building was once a shelter for police officers to make a cup of tea and spend a penny. Also used as a rest point or stop-off for the men in blue to fill in paperwork, the shelter soon became redundant and surplus to requirements.

“The Tardis it certainly isn’t, but this former police box is likely to undergo a Dr Who-like regeneration of its own. Sitting on a generous plot, some potential purchasers have expressed interest in using the land for residential development as well others proposing the commercial avenue, to re-develop into offices.

There is no planning permission associated with the single storey site so interested parties are advised to contact the local planning authority directly to discuss any alternative planning use or site appraisals. However, the site boasts road frontage and is surrounded by residential dwellings which proves promising for potential purchasers.