realtime bidding

Achieve the best possible price in Realtime!

We all want to achieve the best price for our property or land and this is something Connect UK Auctions work really hard to achieve. Auctions historically have been perceived as a last resort for sellers who were either fed-up with property falling through or not getting the best price in the fastest possible time.

This is no longer the case as motivated sellers are now using property auctions as a way to market their property to numerous potential buyers at the highest possible price. We know that if you have a property to sell, we need to do everything in our power to market it effectively, so we use high profile marketing techniques both locally and nationally.

We have created this ground breaking experience which enables the largest exposure for any property listed in an auction. Your property or land will be marketed to hundreds of thousands of potential buyers across the UK and the globe to achieve the maximum price in the fastest possible time. Selling at auction gives you peace of mind that contracts are exchanged with fall of the gavel with completion generally 28 days thereafter.

Introducing Connect Realtime®

On the day of the auction your property or land will be introduced to thousands of buyers using our unique platform Connect Realtime©. This technology streams live both nationally and globally to potential buyers in Realtime and is available for bidding both in the room and remotely. We have partnered with Adam Partridge, who has 19 years of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and is an auctioneering expert for BBC1 ‘Flog It’ as our Auctioneer on the day. This dynamic package is trailblazing a change from static watching to being an interactive experience, so why not be part of our “Connect Realtime®” bidding revolution!

We also market your property / land through:-

  • Regional newspaper advertising.
  • National internet & website portal advertising – including Rightmove and EIG.
  • An ‘Auction for Sale’ board.
  • Property listing within the Connect UK Auctions catalogue and website.
  • Social media posts across all our accounts including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Individual property mail-outs to thousands of active and able buyers.

The benefits to you…

Auctions every month of the year
We have an auction every month of the year, which is very rare for an auction house, offering you the ability to sell at any time to suit your needs. All of auctions include, unique platform Connect Realtime© live bidding which will assist in maximising the exposure of your property and/or land.

Best possible price
Competition is good; and gathering all potential purchases together in the same place at the same time creates a sense of urgency and expectancy. This environment can cause a ‘bidding frenzy’ and a desire that can ensure the price achieved is the best possible.

No fall through
Firstly, the fear of your property falling through is mitigated when the gavel falls as your buyer is legally committed to purchasing. The good news is the purchaser cannot change their mind without facing the penalty of losing their deposit as well as extensive legal expenses.

Pre-auction offers or on the fall of the gavel, the Lot commits the purchaser to complete the sale within 28 days unless agreed otherwise. The timescale is legal and bidding clients are attracted to the promptness of a swift completion of the sale.

No renegotiation
Once the gavel comes down, paperwork is signed and contracts are exchanged at the agreed price. Therefore there is no renegotiating or gazumping. (A legal pack is required for all potential purchasers to review prior to committing to purchasing a property or land).

So, if you are looking to sell your property / land to the highest bidder, in the quickest possible time, then get in touch with us today Connect UK Auctions on 0800 448 0100 or e-mail us on [email protected].